Dancing Classrooms uses a curriculum-based teaching approach to achieve social awareness and build self-esteem with 5th and 8th grade students. The program is designed to help children break down social barriers and learn how to treat others carefully with honor and respect. The program delivers a profound and pleasure-filled sense of achievement for students, teachers and administrators.

Dancing Classrooms students are taught the vocabulary of various contemporary social dances in a physical education setting. Each class in the series introduces new steps, reinforcing what has been previously learned through practice and repetition.

Our teaching philosophy is one of inside out versus outside in. The program is not just about teaching dance, it’s about teaching pride, confidence and respect. We take the dance that is inherent in students’ bodies and help them to bring it out, not force it in, enabling students to increase their self-esteem as they learn.

The vision is to help create schools and communities where every child is connected, respected, and provided a safe environment in which to learn, develop, and thrive. The program is well-known for its ability to groom youth for positive social interaction, teach respect and manners, and reinforce appropriate forms of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Dancing Classrooms instruction is aligned with the Texas Associations for Health Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (TAPHERD) and is monitored by independent evaluators and educational liaisons. We follow the highest standards of excellence to ensure the best experience for our students. With the alarming rise of obesity and Type 2 diabetes among school age children, Dancing Classrooms also introduces a healthy and wholesome cardiovascular activity with the potential for lifelong enjoyment.

Our classes serve a diverse population of children and languages. Classes are conducted in English. All students are welcome; there are no pre-requisites and experience is never required. Dancing Classrooms’ courses culminate in an assembly performance complete with literacy components geared around parents, faculty/staff, and other students.