My name is Amanda Brown & I was born & raised in good ol Fort Worth, Texas. I have had a passion for music and dance since I can remember. I have always enjoyed latin dances but, started ballroom dancing in 2008.

I have been trained by master coaches from all over the world in ballroom & then was certified in teaching Salsa by Texas Association of Salsa Instructors in 2011. This is when I started Teaching Ballroom & Latin dancing to adults & young ladies & gentlemen.

I currently teach at a studio called Dance Makers of North Texas & also am Teaching Artist for Dancing Classrooms of North Texas. Teaching dance to adults & young ladies & gentlemen is not just job for me… it is my passion! Dancing for me has brought so much to my life. It has taught me how to express my self on the dance floor, it has given me self confidence, passion, elegance, & perseverance. This is why I teach… to be able to give back what dancing has done for me! To give the gift of teaching life skills through dance is such a blessing!!

So looking forward to seeing what the future holds in my dancing life. I love nothing more then to see the transformation in all the young ladies & gentlemen when I am teaching for Dancing Classrooms! Such an amazing program that I am so proud to be a part of founded by the awesome Mr. Pierre Dulane!! If I am not teaching I am performing, dancing, traveling, reading, spending time in the sun, or spending time with friends & family!!

Favorite quotes: Why dance… because the music says so! Dance is the hidden language to the soul! Dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one is listening, live as if this is heaven on earth, love as if you have never been hurt!