Gina’s dance journey began with a mortifying case of two left feet and a nightmarish proclivity towards dreams-come-true that include dancing. For instance, a while back, Gina landed a gig as a national spokes model; to her dismay, this required her to dance for photos that appeared in Women’s Magazines and on Billboards all over the US, including Times Square!  She was also featured on television, and after a guest appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show included the obligatory dance-entrance, she knew had to take fate into her own hands.  She began training at a local Franchised Dance Studio and became an Instructor to arm herself against any more dancing that might come her way!  As she overcame her two left feet, and began to enjoy dancing, she developed a passion for helping others do the same.  Gina loves sharing the benefits of Ballroom Dance with Residents of the James L West Alzheimer’s Clinic,  Members of the Downtown YMCA, Residents of Trinity Terrace and 5th Grade participants of Dancing Classrooms.