Hi, my name is Melanie Rosario. I was born and raised in Chicago. My parents are from Puerto Rico. I moved to Texas at the age of 25 with my 2yr old daughter. In Texas, I attended CRID from 1996-2000. When I graduated, I became a Court Reporter. I also did some freelance work until I finally settled into a position as a Realtime Captioner for television for the hearing impaired. I was fulfilled in knowing I was making a difference for the hearing impaired community but I wanted to help at a different level and then I heard about Dancing Classrooms. I became a Teaching Artist with Dancing Classrooms because I loved what their mission was. I have now been with Dancing Classrooms for approximately four years and I have witnessed hands on the transformation of many children and youth. It is this result that inspires me to continue doing what I do. My husband and I also own a very active dance studio, My Salsa in Hurst,  which I am very involved with as well. My hands are definitely full every day as I am presently active in all my fields but I love what I do and I always make time for those I love, my family, friends and beloved pets, as well as my hobbies, dancing, drawing, painting and, of course, vacationing.