Scott Thornton joined the Dancing Classrooms North Texas family in the Fall of 2017 as a teaching “buddy,” assisting out Teaching Artist with Buddy Lessons. He became a Teaching Artist for the Spring 2018 semester.

He brings a unique skill set to the Dancing CLassrooms program with almost 10 years experience in juvenile corrections, working as a drill sergeant. Scott has been involved in childhood education as a volunteer and mentor for many years. As the former President of The Optimist Club of Downtown Corpus Christi, Texas, Scott guided the creation of the Sand Dollar Scholarship for graduates of the Collegiate High School program. Scott is currently the Training Manager for a business with multiple locations in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Scott stated,”The importance of the social concepts that are presented in the Dancing Classrooms program:courtesy, kindness, teamwork, hard work, and acceptance of others cannot be overstated. These concepts will follow these young ladies and gentlemen into adulthood. What they learn today will likely impact their success in life. I don’t teach kids how to dance, I teach kids to be ladies and gentlemen. Dance is just the tool.”

Scott believes tthat by always being cheerful, professional, and courteous he will model the behavior he looks for in the students.

“It is a honor to be part of thes program; to work with talented Teaching Artists and to watch the ladies and gentlemen grow during the program. I love it!”