Tagg is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Entertainer that has been apart of the performing arts industry for over 20 years. Tagg helps other performers hone in, and better articulate their craft by creating an encouraging environment for them to excel in. Tagg believes an artist should create the opportunity for self-expression and present personal enlightenment that can be shared share throughout the world.

Tagg is the owner of Clique Studios, as well as a multi-faceted dancer who specializes in Ballroom. Her full knowledge and experience in various dance styles give her a leader advantage to encourage her students to realize their potential and become the best athletic, Creative Arts that they can be.

In 2013, Tagg opened her own business, in support of dancers seeking creative space in the Performance Industry. Tagg’s love and passion for dance is a continuous inspiration for her community to explore and indulge in the arts, both on a local and national level. Her brand, Clique Studios, has gained recognition throughout DFW and is expanding in notoriety to the East and West Coasts. When Tagg is not busy encouraging, mentoring, and training other artists, she volunteers her spare time to work with children who are limited in access to the Art of Ballroom Dancing.