Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists work with school teachers to ensure that the students connect their ballroom dancing experience with art, music, history, language arts and physical education. This curriculum integration produces some wonderful works of art, poetry, and thoughtful reflection from children.

“When I dance, I feel proud of myself, because I’m learning something new and I know I’m going to do good.  Not only because I like to dance, but because I am giving myself an opportunity to express myself better and to let everyone now that it don’t matter what somebody says but what YOU feel!” B.C.

“I think this semesters PE class lucky because we get to dance.  Dancing is a good way to keep active.  For the past dance classes I have had fun.  The dance instructors make the class fun.  I like how we get to dance with different people.  It is all fun!” D.G.

“I really started liking ballroom dancing the second day.  Right now I’m having a lot of fun.  At first I thought it was like stupid but then I realized that it was not.  We can learn to dance for the future.  We can also make new friends.  For those who are already are friends we can spend time with them.  It is really fun when we follow direction but when we don’t it is super not fun.  Sometimes we think nothing will go right maybe you are nervous because you don’t know nothing but after that everything goes right.  Now I’m loving it even more and it is the best thing I can learn.  And my teachers are the best dancer teachers!” I.R.

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