Lights, Camera, Action...IT'S SHOWTIME!

We've been in full swing throughout this extraordinary semester and we are now ready to share our journey with you! Lots of exciting upcoming events are planned.  

The Culminating Event is the highlight of the residency. It is a very special day -- a celebration and a time for all the children to shine -- the purpose of our work in the school.
The Colors of the Rainbow Semi-Finals is an optional ballroom dance competition for children participating in the Dancing Classrooms program for the first time. 


to attend our
Culminating Events and our
DCNT  Colors of the Rainbow Semi-Finals!

Fall 2014 Culminating Events:

Fort Worth ISD Schools

Nash: November  18th 8:15am 
Western Hills: November  19th, 20th, 21st   8:35am
Washington Heights: Nov. 19th   10:30am
WM Green: November  19th 1:55pm
M.L. Phillips: November  20th 11:50am, 6:00pm 
MM Walton: November  20th 1:20pm 
Briscoe: November  20th   2pm
Sam Rosen: November  20th   2:00pm
Chavez: December 4th 12:50pm 

Dallas ISD Schools
Peak: November  18th 8:05am
Chavez:  November 20th 8:40am

Grand Prairie ISD Schools
Garner: December 4th 10:40am 

DCNT COR Semi Finals
will be held at 
Paschal High School
December 17, 2014